Baby Shower Thank You Poems With a Personal Touch

Have you and your baby is showered with beautiful baby gifts and want to thank you personally? Have you been touched by the thought that put your family and friends in their offerings? The birth of a child and the beginning of a new life is an opportunity for us all to think about our own loved ones and how valuable they are for us.

Your baby can not even be born yet, but you can thank your notes, how nice and personal, by giving aCard with a poem of your unborn child in him.

You may need to spend a little more time sitting at his feet, right now, so why not grab a pencil and start on a thank you poem of your own? Here are some ideas to get you started:

"What color are my eyes?
What about my hair --
Chestnut, like my mother
Or, like my father, fair?

Can an athlete,
A writer, movie star?
Maybe I'm traveling
To the near and distant countries.

From aI am sure
Even now I know it's true.
I am very loved and wanted
Of people as expensive as you. "

If you wanted, it would be easy to change your poem something and address it to your baby:

"What color are your eyes?
What about your hair --
Chestnut, like your mother
Or like your father, just?

Become an athlete
A writer, movie star?
Perhaps you have travel
To the near and distant countries.

One thing I amcertain,
Even now I know it's true.
You are very loved and wanted
With your family is waiting for you. "

And do not think it be hard when you're having twins or triplets or more. Leave (The poem is not difficult, at least.) How about this one:

"Thank you for your gifts
You are really very nice
We were able to be with you today
We know that you do not mind, will
We will be here soon to see you
And make a little noise
And that's when you find yourself
If weare girls or boys. "

So, go on, I thank the family and friends for their beautiful baby gifts with your own personal thank you poem.

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